Olive Cake

Olive Cake

Paired wine

Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry

Cut the bacon into cubes and sauté in a pan with very little oil; set aside and let it cook. Whisk the eggs, flour, yeast and white wine in a large bowl. Salt and pepper the mixture, then add the olives, the bacon and Parmesan. Mix well. Pour the dough into a long and rather narrow rectangular mold (like the one used to prepare the plumcake), which you will have lined with buttered baking paper. Bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ºC. Then raise the temperature to 210 ºC, leaving the mould in the oven for another 15 minutes. Remove the olive cake from the mould, place it on a grill and let it cool or, if you prefer, let it cool completely before enjoying it.
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Sapori di Sicilia

Ingredients Anchovy fillets capers in salt extra virgin olive oil oranges breadcrumbs almonds fresh parsley Paired wine Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore Millesimato Method Chop everything

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