Category: Ricette

A sip of sweetness

Ingredients 250gr di mascarpone 100gr di ricotta 50gr sugar 150 gr sour oranges jam 200 gr of crunchy chocolate muesli

Sweets with a soft heart

Ingredients 100 gr dark chocolate 100 gr butter (keep some to butter the mold as well) 4 eggs 100gr sugar

Apple tart with custard

Ingredients for the shortcrust pastry 200 gr 00 flour 100 gr cold butter 50 gr powdered sugar 2 egg yolks

Crunchy cookies

Ingredients 250 gr rice flour 50 gr plain flour 250 gr dark chocolate chips 250gr butter 80 gr powdered sugar

Marsala veal tenderloin

Ingredients 800 gr veal tenderloin 2 rosemary springs 40 gr butter Extra virgin olive oil Black pepper grains Few fresh

Risotto with leeks and filonzo

Ingredients 250 gr Carnaroli rice 2 leeks 100 gr Filonzo Salumificio Sap 150 gr yogurt soft cheese 1.5l vegetable stock