Wine Bulk 2023

This year too, the long-awaited moment to bottle the traditional wine has come.

Available in March and April.

There are more and more lovers of this ancient tradition that, as once, is handed down from generation to generation.

You can come to visit us to collect it directly in your containers or have it sent to you comfortably at home in particular Bag in Box of 18 liters.


Choose how to receive your wine in bulk

HOME DELIVERY The wine will be shipped in disposable containers of 18 liters each, “BAG-IN-BOX”. These are boxes with a bag suitable for holding wine composed of a practical tap on the bottom, useful to fill bottles with ease. Price per liter
€2,20 + VAT (shipping costs EXCLUDED) 
WITHDRAWAL IN THE CELLAR Call us (0423 972403) or send us an email ([email protected]) to schedule an appointment to collect the wine at the company. Prrice per liter
€2,20 + VAT (bag in Box)
€2,15 + VAT (with own container)

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E tu lo sapevi che?

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